Norway's Lutheran Church will begin blessing the marriages of gay and lesbian couples on Wednesday after church officials voted Monday in favor of new ceremonial language.

Delegates of Norway's largest church last April approved the plan in principle during its annual conference in Oslo, but did not agree on wording, according to Reuters.

The new marriage text will be gender neutral, removing the words “bride” and “groom.”

Gard Sandaker-Nilsen, leader of the Open Public Church, a religious movement within the church, campaigned for the change.

“I hope that all churches in the world can be inspired by this new liturgy,” Sandaker-Nilsen said.

Norway legalized marriage for gay couples in 2009, roughly 16 years after it approved same-sex registered partnerships.

Other churches which bless the marriages of gay couples include the Lutheran Church of Sweden, the French Protestant Church and the U.S. Presbyterian Church.