Former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory told a reporter on Friday that House Bill 2, a controversial law that targets the LGBT community, is misunderstood.

McCrory was in Washington over the weekend to attended the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

He made headlines on Saturday when a crowd of protesters chased him down the street chanting “shame on you” for his part in passing House Bill 2, the first state law that prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in many buildings. It also blocks municipalities from enacting LGBT protections.

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A day before the incident occurred, McCrory spoke to The Advocate about the law. When asked whether he believes the law will be repealed, McCrory answered that the law was misunderstood.

“I think it’s a federal issue. I think it’s a false premise that this is a North Carolina issue,” McCrory said. “It’s gonna be a federal issue on how we define gender in the future. I don’t think this is a state issue. I think it’s an issue related to the 1964 Civil Rights Act on how we define gender in the future and I think the courts will end up deciding this. Most people don’t understand what HB 2 is.”

McCrory added that he will “respect whatever the courts decide” on the issue.