Out actress Ellen Page got into a heated debate with a homophobic preacher in D.C. on Friday.

Page, 29, was in the nation's capital for the inauguration of President Donald Trump and Saturday's Women's March.

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TMZ.com posted video of Page outside the National Press Building debating the preacher over sexuality.

“Homosexuality, that's a demonic, toxic feeling,” the unidentified preacher told Page. “That's what you become, that's not who you are. Who you are is when you come out your mother's womb.”

Page told the preacher that she felt for him.

“We're not gonna get anywhere. You'll believe this your whole life. I feel for you,” Page said.

Page and Ian Daniel are the co-hosts of Viceland's Gaycation, which has the pair roaming the world in search of what it's like to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. While TMZ did not indicate that the footage was from an upcoming episode, Daniel is seen standing next to Page.