Jim Parsons, Lance Bass, Laverne Cox and Sia are among the out celebrities who joined Ellen DeGeneres in a moving “thank you” video to Barack Obama for his support of LGBT rights.

“Ellen compiles a message from the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and many more to offer a personal message of thanks to President Obama for everything he was able to accomplish in the name of equality,” the video's description reads.

Jim Parsons said: “You presided over a period of time that turned out, in many ways, [to be] one of the most positive periods ever in the lives of gay Americans. How can we ever thank you?”

Jonathan Groff said that he could not believe that Obama said the word “gay” in the first three minutes of his victory speech.

“And that was just the tip of the iceberg … you made what seemed truly impossible, possible,” Groff said.

“You're the first president that even uttered the word transgender, and I hope that you will not be the last,” Laverne Cox said.

Other stars appearing in the video include Nathan Lane, Evan Rachel Wood, Colton Haynes, Alan Cumming, Macklemore, Debra Messing, Lily Tomlin, George Takei, Kristen Bell, Neil Patrick Harris, Guillermo Diaz, Dan Bucatinsky, Tom Daley, Sarah Silverman, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Tig Notaro, Portia De Rossi, Chris Colfer and Drew Barrymore.

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