Singer Jennifer Holliday appeared Sunday on MSNBC to explain why she decided to cancel plans to perform at a pre-inaugural concert for President-elect Donald Trump.

The Tony-winning Dreamgirls star reversed course following publication of a The New York Times story noting that Holliday was among the few non-country artists scheduled to perform at Thursday's “Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration” at the Lincoln Memorial.

In a statement given to The Wrap, Holliday apologized to her LGBT fans for a “lapse in judgement.”

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Appearing on AM Joy, host Joy Reid asked Holliday what was it about the LGBT response that persuaded her to cancel, as opposed to arguments from other groups, such as African-Americans.

“All the tweets that I read from the African-American community were directed directly at me,” Holliday answered. “The tweets from the gay community took the issues and did not call me names. Also they have been a faithful community since Dreamgirls to me, and fed me even when the church people didn't feed me.”

Holliday, who has performed for several presidents, including Ronald Reagan, both Bushes and Bill Clinton, speculated on why she was invited to perform: “Maybe they were looking for, maybe, African-Americans who have been friendly with Republicans.”