In an interview with Rolling Stone, Cody Alan explained why he decided to come out gay.

Alan, the host of CMT's Hot 20 Countdown, announced his sexuality for the first time publicly in an Instagram post on Thursday.

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The 44-year-old Alan, who has a son and daughter with his ex-wife, said that he was concerned how his family might be affected by his coming out.

“For my teenage kids, to them, being gay is like your eye color [laughs]. It's just there. So they have been nothing but encouraging about me stepping up and sharing this with the world,” Alan said.

“From a professional standpoint, you do consider all the variables and you think about how other people would be affected by it. I realized that this could have a great, positive impact on many people who may be country music fans and may feel like they don't fit in. But they see a guy like me on TV who is country and gay, and they recognize that there's a place for you here, and that country music is a warm, welcoming space.”

Alan said that coming out for him was just about, “Let me be as honest as I can.”

“I've arrived at this day through a lot of emotion and I think it's important that people know that love is love is love. And we should all remember that in the coming days, whatever political things are happening. Ultimately, I think more honest voices speaking up is a good thing for all of us,” he said.