DJ-musician Moby and Welsh singer-songwriter Charlotte Church are the latest artists to decline to perform at President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration.

Moby, who supported Hillary Clinton, said in an Instagram post that he would participate if Trump released his tax returns.

“I guess I'd DJ at inauguration ball if as payment #trump released his tax returns,” Moby wrote. “So #trump what do you think, I DJ for you and you release your tax returns?”

At Billboard's request, Moby created an inaugural ball playlist which includes Green Day's American Idiot and Billie Holiday's Strange Fruit, a protest song about the lynching of African-Americans at the turn of the century.

In a tweet, Church wrote: “@realDonaldTrump Your staff have asked me to sing at your inauguration, a simple Internet search would show I think you're a tyrant. Bye [turd emoji].”

Public pressure forced Andrea Bocelli to cancel his planned performance. Other artists, including Elton John, have said they would not perform at events related to the president-elect's inauguration.