Actress-model Milla Jovovich recently said in a The Advocate interview that every woman should have a gusband.

Jovovich is best known for playing Janus Prospero (Alice) in the Resident Evil film franchise and Leeloo de Sabat in The Fifth Element.

When asked why LGBT rights were so important to her, Jovovich answered that she's always had gay people in her life.

“We're talking about my friends, my colleagues, my mentors, people I've known for years, and people I work with every day,” Jovovich said. “So I've never thought twice about supporting LGBT rights. I've always been attracted to gay people wherever I go, and we've had a lot of fun together over the years. You can always count on a good time with your gusband.”

Jovovich explained that her best friend Chris was like a big brother to her and “a fairy godfather” to her daughter.

“I feel really bad for women who don't have a gusband,” she continued. “Every woman needs that camaraderie with a male without the pressure of physical attraction.”