Connecticut Comptroller Kevin Lembo on Friday announced that the American Family Association (AFA) would no loner be part of the Connecticut State Employees Campaign (CSEC) for Charitable Giving, which enables and encourages state employees to donate to charitable organizations, after the AFA refused to provide officials with a required copy of its non-discrimination policy.

Lembo recommended the move and the committee which administers the initiative last week unanimously agreed.

Lembo's office was inundated with thousands of emails, phone calls, and tweets from AFA supporters after Lembo requested the policy last month. Some of those protesting the request directed homophobic slurs against Lembo, who is openly gay.

According to a press release, state employees donate over a million dollars every year through the CSEC.

AFA officials have a long history opposing LGBT rights.

“The AFA's public statements and mission not only appear to encourage discrimination against the LGBTQ communities, as well as Muslims who choose to serve and protect our country by enlisting in the U.S. military, but it remains unclear what actual charitable services the AFA provides that qualifies it to participate in the CSEC,” Lembo said. “We have a responsibility to donors to ensure that participating organizations abide by the rules and regulations of the CSEC, particularly those that ensure inclusiveness and protection against discrimination.”