Ex-gay group PFOX has filed a lawsuit against the Washington DC Office of Human Rights (OHR). The lawsuit alleges that the OHR failed to protect former gays under its sexual orientation anti-discrimination law. Ex-gay watchdog group Truth Wins Outs quickly dismissed the suit, calling it “frivolous” and “loony.”

The PFOX lawsuit asks the DC Superior Court to direct the OHR to add former gays to the list of classes protected under the sexual orientation law; currently gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people are included.

“The ex-gay community is the most bullied and maligned group in America, yet they are not protected by sexual orientation non-discrimination laws,” said Regina Griggs, executive director of PFOX. “Shouldn't ex-gays enjoy the same legal protections that gays enjoy?”

The group said they were moved to act because of the exclusion of ex-gays in the current Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama has pledged to sign into law.

“This far-reaching law which Obama plans to pass as president will grant rights to homosexuals, transgenders and cross-dressers, but what about ex-gays?” asked Griggs.

“Loony,” fired back Truth Wins Out President Wayne Besen.

“If so-called 'ex-gays' are now heterosexual, they are covered under the basis of sexual orientation,” said Besen. “This nonsensical lawsuit is frivolous and a desperate, grandstanding attempt for free media attention. PFOX should apologize for clogging up the court system with a loony lawsuit that will ultimately be dismissed.”

The group also disputed the notion that ex-gays suffer discrimination, saying “PFOX has never offered any evidence and has long invented or greatly exaggerated potential cases.”

The PFOX website says the group “supports the right of homosexuals to choose change.”

“Former homosexuals should have the right to be out, open and safe in society,” Griggs said. “On his website, Senator Obama says he supports gay and transgender rights because he supports civil rights for all persons, but does that include ex-gays? Americans need to know where Obama stands on the issue of ex-gay inclusion because his pledge to pass homosexual and transgender legislation as president will affect all of us.”