Where does a hot-ticket podcast about gay comics go after seemingly interviewing every major gay comic working in America? The answer for Dave Rubin is to move his open mic from the Net to a cable television show with the exact same name: Hot Gay Comics.

Hot Gay Comics will premiere on cable channel here! November 14th.

And while the title and host remain the same, what we can expect has changed dramatically.

Hot Gay Comics, the podcast, was 41 self-contained interviews with gay comics. But Hot Gay Comics, the television show, will feature headline and up-and-coming gay comics as they perform traditional stand-up comedy.

The series was taped at New York City's famed Comix comedy club in the heart of the meatpacking district of lower Manhattan.

Some of the comics featured on the show include Keith Price, Anne Neczypor and Jackie Monahan, Hedda Lettuce, and Mike Singer.

What makes gay comics so funny? For one, gay comics can make gay jokes without being insulting. Gay comics also offer insightful, often hilarious, anecdotes on life as it pertains to gay people. Take for instance this humorous gay repartee between Rubin and funny man Tom Ragu from a recent Hot Gay Comics podcast.

Ragu: I accidentally gained 100 pounds, I don't know how it happened. I just woke up one day and I just realized that I could no longer see my feet anymore. And no one was more upset about that than I was.

Rubin: Yeah.

Ragu: Because I used to be really hot. And now, not so much.

Rubin: Do you feel the gay community doesn't ...

Ragu: The gay people – they look right through me as if I'm not even there. I'm in the way of them looking at someone else.

Rubin: But there's a community of ...

Ragu: The bears and the otters and the fucking ... I don't even wanna be there.

Rubin: You wouldn't go to the otter village? Or ... where do bears go to hibernate?

Ragu: At the Spike or the Claw or Wolfs in San Diego. The thing is, that it just came up upon me. And all of the sudden I was a bear. I never had a chance to become cub.

Rubin: I see. Did you go directly from twink to bear?

Ragu: Exactly. I woke up one day and suddenly I was a harry bear ...

Rubin: That's fascinating!

Ragu: ... at a beer blast in Hells Kitchen.

Rubin: Maybe you were bitten by some kind of radioactive bear? Like Spiderman. Remember, he was just normal, then he was bitten by a radioactive spider. You were bitten by a gay bear.

Ragu: That's a good point, I had a date with a silver fox. And he must of bitten me and then I became a bear.

Rubin: Jesus!

Ragu: That's a good theory.

Can we expect more of the same from Rubin on Hot Gay Comics? Let's hope so.

Hot Gay Comics premieres Friday, November 14th on cable channel here! (the gay and lesbian network).