Roy Cooper was sworn in as North Carolina's 75th governor just minutes after midnight Sunday morning.

Cooper, who narrowly beat outgoing Republican Governor Pat McCrory, sounded upbeat even as he faces Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

“I'm aware of the solemn responsibility that I've been given and the duty that I have to uphold the constitution,” he said shortly after being sworn in. “I cannot wait to get started.”

In a 15-minute video released Saturday, McCrory touted his administration's accomplishments and blamed response to a law he signed that targets the LGBT community for his reelection loss.

“I wish with this manufactured crisis that occurred in Charlotte regarding a social issue that none of us had heard of, I wish I would have been successful in convincing Charlotte not to start this masquerade of an issue, that no doubt had an impact on my future election and on North Carolina in a very unfair way,” McCrory said, adding that was “unsuccessful in convincing the Legislature maybe not to overreact.”

McCrory and other Republican leaders warned Charlotte that they would respond if the city approved an LGBT protections ordinance. House Bill 2 blocks cities and municipalities from enacting such anti-discrimination bans. But its provision prohibiting transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in many buildings was a last-minute addition to the law that pushed many groups, companies and celebrities to act.

While McCrory defended the law during the campaign, Cooper pledged to repeal it.

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