Massachusetts-based MassResistance is lending a hand to opponents of same-sex marriage in Taiwan.

A marriage equality bill cleared a major hurdle to becoming law in Taiwan last week.

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In a blog post, the group highlighted a story about its efforts published by the country's state-run news agency, Central News Agency Taiwan.

According to the article, MassResistance has translated some of its anti-marriage equality literature into Chinese.

“MassResistance's video and booklet on 'What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts' have become powerful tools to inform people about what really happens over time when 'gay marriage' is forced on a society,” the group wrote. “They have been translated into several languages and used around the world.”

In the 26-minute video, MassResistance head Brian Camenker says that marriage equality has been used in Massachusetts “as a hammer to force everyone to accept homosexuality” and claims that “new radical demands” never end.

According to the group, Arthur Schaper, head of MassResistance in California, “has been working tirelessly with Taiwanese activists, expatriates in the US, and others to get the word out.”

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