Politifact.com this week debunked a fake news story that falsely claimed that President Barack Obama is both Muslim and gay.

The story ran on the site NewsExaminer.net and was widely circulated on social media.

“Secret Service Agent Says Obama is Muslim & Gay in new Tell-All Book,” the headline reads.

The book, written by Paul Horner, is titled The Black House: A 12-year former Secret Service agent explains why Obama and the First Lady are ruining this country.

“Everything about this story – the book, the author, the interview and certainly the details contained therein – is fake,” Politifact.com wrote.

The story also ran on other fake news sites such as NBC.com.co and ABCNews.com.co as recently as last month. Both these sites attempt to fool readers into believing that they are reading content from NBC and ABC, respectively.

Among the claims that Horner makes in the fabricated interview are that Obama constantly berated Christians and that Obama forced him to listen to Diana Ross.

Politifact.com rated the story as “Pants On Fire!”