Debbie Reynolds, who died Wednesday at the age of 84, said in a recent interview that people are born gay.

Reynolds, who is best known for such films as The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Singin' in the Rain, and How the West Was Won and her decades of performing on the stage, in 2014 talked to Greg in Hollywood about her gay fans.

“I have always since 1948 hired dancers and creative people who were gay,” Reynolds said. “They are like my children.”

“I didn’t know anything about why it had to be – why we are different. I was probably like everyone else, no knowledge about [why] we are born this way. I had to learn and I have learned. You have to want to learn to get rid of your prejudices. You can’t want to stay that way.”

“No one who is born gay asks to be gay. I’ve tried of talking to members of my family. They hear it but don’t understand it. It’s very difficult to explain. Happiness is being a giving person, an understanding person,” she added.

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