The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleges in a lawsuit filed Thursday that a male gay worker was sexually assaulted and harassed at work.

Filed in federal court, the complaint alleges that Wyoming-based Rocky Mountain Casing Crews did not protect Michael Allyn, a driver who worked at the company's Williston, North Dakota facility, the Williston Herald first reported.

Allyn worked for the company from January 2011 to April 2015. He reported the abuse to supervisors but the offensive conduct continued until he left.

“Among other things during this period, Allyn's male co-workers called him offensive and homophobic slurs; they defaced company vehicles with sex-based remarks about him; they painted a truck Allyn was known to use with pink polka dots, hearts, and rainbows; and they left him pornographic magazines with titles like 'Chicks With Dicks,'” the complaint reads, adding that “one of Allyn's male co-workers attempted to sexually assault him.”

The lawsuit also claims that Allyn's direct supervisor “directed offensive jokes about gays to or around Allyn, made Allyn the butt of derogatory sex-based comments, gave him children's toys and board games, and gave him a hat with a Spanish slang word for homosexual on it.”

The EEOC said that this is the first sexual harassment lawsuit it has filed in North Dakota.