Out actor Colton Haynes wrote an op-ed for Paper.com in which he explained how he went from “closed off to the world” to “happiest ever.”

In his “Mental Health Check In,” Haynes, who is best known for roles on shows such as Arrow and Teen Wolf, opens up about how his life has changed since he first sought help to deal with his struggles with anxiety and depression.

The 29-year-old Haynes, who came out gay earlier this year, shared journal entries from November 2, 2014 and November 12, 2016 to illustrate the changes.

“Now I'm so closed off to the world that I can't even get up enough courage to go in public,” he wrote in the first entry. “I'm afraid of people and have become agoraphobic. When I do leave the house it's for work, the liquor store, or to grab coffee and an occasional sandwich from the store to suppress the hunger.”

“I'm fading away and battling to hide the pain and emotion that has plagued me my entire life. … I got myself into this mess and even though I am losing the battle right now … I won't in the long run. Mark my words,” he added.

Two years later he wrote: “I'm finally in a position where I can say I'm the happiest I've ever been. I've accomplished so much with so little and my smile is finally not forced.”

“I've taken control of my own life for the first time and won't ever let anyone silence me or my passions ever again. I'm finally free.”

Haynes went on to advise others to seek help and “know that it gets better.”