In a recent Vulture piece, John Krokidas talked about directing a sex scene in Kill Your Darlings involving Daniel Radcliffe and another man.

In the 2013 film, Radcliffe plays gay poet Allen Ginsberg, who loses his virginity to a man he met in a bar.

Krokidas said that he didn't want the scene to feel as if there is “some sort of stigma attached to gay characters or gay sexuality.”

“I wanted the arc of the scene to go from nervousness to a place of pure enjoyment to a realization that this would ultimately become a formidable part of his identity,” Krokidas said. “Allen Ginsberg was one of the most renowned gay artists of the 20th century, and I felt that not including his sexuality as part of the story would be a crime. He wore it unabashedly on his sleeve and helped establish queer sexuality as something you could even talk about in art and literature, so the scene was incredibly important to capture right.”

When Radcliffe asked Krokidas how naked he wanted him to be – movie-naked, or Equus-naked – Krokidas reminded Radcliffe that he was British and Ginsberg was “one of the most famous Jews of the 20th century,” Radcliffe answered, “John, my mother's Jewish and I'm circumcised. Play the scene any way you want.”

“God bless Daniel Radcliffe, he commits to all of his actions,” Krokidas said.