Gay activists indignant over huge donations pouring into California in support of Proposition 8 – the ballot initiative that if passed would constitutionally forbid gay couples from marrying in the State – are calling for boycotts on the businesses of the largest anti-gay donors.

Two weeks ago, Californians Against Hate launched a website and a call-in campaign against San Diego businessman Terry Caster, owner of A-1 Self Storage, after the California Secretary of State verified that the Caster family's combined anti-gay marriage contribution of $293,000 was the largest from San Diego County.

The group is also boycotting Doug Manchester's two San Diego hotels, the Manchester Grand Hyatt and the Grand Del Mar, and his McCall, Idaho resort, the Whitetail Club, due to the hotelier's reported $125,000 donation in support of the gay marriage ban.

And William Bolthouse Jr.'s $100,000 donation to the anti-gay campaign resulted in a Saturday demonstration against the Bolthouse Farms brand of juices and drinks at a California supermarket.

“William Bolthouse's huge financial support was one of the main reasons that this constitutional initiative [to ban gay marriage] qualified for the November 4th ballot,” wrote Californians Against Hate Campaign Manager Fred Karger in an email. “His money helped enable Protect Marriage to hire hundreds of paid professional petition circulators to collect the signatures necessary to qualify this initiative for the November ballot.”

Karger described the campaign against Bolthouse Farms as an effort to get the message out to the gay and lesbian community and its allies to purchase a different brand of juice, coffee drink and salad dressing than those carrying the Bolthouse Farms name.

“Why should we spend our hard-earned money buying Bolthouse Farms' products only to have it used against us?” Karger asked.

Saturday's event was held at Ralphs Supermarket in Hollywood, California, where activists carried signs that read “Don't Buy Bolthouse!” and passed out literature on the gay marriage amendment.

Bolthouse Farms Chief Executive Jeffrey Dunn told the Wall Street Journal that William Bolthouse Jr. is no longer affiliated with the company since its 2005 sale.

But Californians Against Hate disagrees, saying that Andre Radandt, Bolthouse's son-in-law, continues to serve as Bolthouse Farms' chairman and that the organization markets itself as a fourth-generation company.

Gay marriage is currently legal in California after a May Supreme Court ruling reversed a 2000 voter-approved gay marriage ban. Since then thousands of gay and lesbian couples have married. Proposition 8 seeks to make gay marriage in the Golden State illegal once more.