The San Francisco Symphony has canceled two tour concerts in North Carolina in response to passage of a state law that targets the LGBT community.

The controversial law, known as House Bill 2, blocks cities and municipalities from enacting LGBT protections. It is also the only state law in the nation that prohibits transgender people using the bathroom of their choice.

The two concerts were scheduled to take place April 5-6 in Chapel Hill.

Executive Director Brent Assink told the San Francisco Chronicle that he initiated the conversation and made the decision to pull the plug “but it was done with the full backing of [Music Director] Michael [Tilson Thomas] and the board.”

“We also looked carefully at what the state and city were doing. Mayor [Ed] Lee's decision really got our attention,” he added, a reference to Lee's decision to bar publicly funded travel to the state by city employees.

Passage of the law during a one-day special session in March has led to canceled conventions and concerts and even job losses for the state. Despite the backlash, Republican leaders adjourned without repealing the law. Despite Republican Governor Pat McCrory's loss on election day, Democrat Roy Cooper, who has vowed to repeal HB 2, is taking office with veto-proof Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

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