Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), launched a new global group over the weekend aimed at creating a “new movement” against marriage equality.

Launched in South Africa, Brown said that he hopes his International Organization for the Family (IOF) will “create a whole new movement around the world.”

The new group is hoping to gather 2 million signatures to its Cape Town Declaration in the coming year.

“We are of one mind on the bedrock of civil society, on the basis of that first and primordial community called the family: We affirm the dignity of marriage as the conjugal bond of man and woman,” the manifesto reads. “We embrace it not as the parochial practice of any sect or nation or age, but as the patrimony of all mankind. We defend it not as a matter of preference or temperament or taste but as the heart of any just social order.”

It adds in conclusion: “Together we join in common cause, East and West, North and South, to stand for a truth that no government can change. Bowing to no earthly power, using every just measure, we shall not falter or flag until the truth about marriage is embraced in our laws and honored in our lands.”

Among those speaking at the unveiling were Errol Naidoo, founder and president of the Family Policy Institute of South Africa, John Eastman, chairman of NOM, and David van Gend, from the Austrian Marriage Forum, Right Wing Watch reported.