Tens of thousands of people took part in Rio de Janeiro's annual LGBT Pride parade at Copacabana beach on Sunday.

As music blasted from sound trucks, revelers danced and held up rainbow flags on the beach's promenade.

“It is a great coming together, heterosexual, gays, lesbian and all the mixes, all fighting for the same thing, which is equal rights,” Elo Pinheiro, a drag queen, is quoted as saying by VOANews.

This year's theme, “I am my gender identity,” sought to boost awareness for the transgender community.

Despite a reputation for sexual tolerance, Brazil has a high rate of homophobic attacks.

“We are in this standing up for the right to marry, to walk freely with your partner without being bothered, pointed at, because for me, discrimination from people is a very important issue,” said Fabiana Motta, who participated in the parade.