Kentucky's Republican governor, Matt Bevin, said Friday that he would not press for a North Carolina-style law that prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice, saying it wasn't an issue in Kentucky.

Bevin laid out his agenda for the upcoming legislative session during a news conference at Zeggz Amazing Eggs, a Louisville restaurant with three locations.

When asked whether he would use his GOP super majorities in both chambers to pass such a bill, Bevin answered no and called the legislation “silly.”

“Why? Why would we? Why would anybody need it? Is it an issue?” Bevin rhetorically asked. “Is there anyone you know in Kentucky who has trouble going to the bathroom? Seriously. Have you heard of one person in Kentucky having trouble taking care of business in Kentucky?”

“Making government rules for things that don't even need government rules would be silly,” he added.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory repeatedly defended signing House Bill 2 (HB 2) during his unsuccessful re-election campaign. In addition to restricting bathroom use for transgender people, HB 2 also blocks cities and municipalities from enacting LGBT protections. McCrory's Democratic opponent, Governor-elect Roy Cooper, repeatedly vowed to repeal the law, making last month's election a referendum on the law.

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Earlier this year, Bevin joined a lawsuit challenging the federal government's directive to public school districts advising them to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.