Kelly Osbourne over the weekend called on the LGBT community to give President-elect Donald Trump a chance.

The 32-year-old Osbourne made her comments while accepting an award from The Trevor Project, which runs the nation's only 24-hour suicide prevention hotline for LGBT youth.

“We are living in a time where we might not have the future president that we wanted in this country,” Osbourne said. “People voted for him and just like they gave us a chance to love equally – we will fight to keep that – but we have to give him a chance as well.”

Abbe Land, the group's executive director, said that Trump's election sent call rates soaring.

“In the nine day period following the election, 2,000 young people reached out to us,” he told the crowd. “It is so critical that we meet the urgent needs of our young people. … We need to remind them of their value. We need to advocate for laws that protect their lives and their futures.”