Lady Gaga made a surprise visit to London's Albert Kennedy Trust, one of the first LGBT charities in the world.

Lady Gaga's visit was arranged through The Elton John AIDS Foundation and comes roughly a week after she visited a similar charity in New York, the Ali Forney Center.

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She talked about her visit in a statement.

“I went to the inspiring Albert Kennedy Trust to meet some homeless and suffering LGBTQ youth and share kindness on behalf of the Born This Way Foundation,” Lady Gaga wrote. “They are so sweet, talented, and ambitious.”

“But the holidays are very different for them so we brought some gifts and bonded, sharing our life stories and I did some research on what they really need to survive.”

“They need positive words and donations to keep LGBTQ homeless children who were abandoned off the streets and out of shelters that are dangerous. They are normal good kids, I hung out with them all day. They deserve a real shot at life,” she added.

Using colorful sticky notes, Lady Gaga posted an empowering message on the office wall: “If you want to heal, you have to reel. Restore your dignity, reclaim your power.”

The charity's founder, Cath Hall, named it after Albert Kennedy, a 16-year-old runaway from a children's home who experienced homophobia in his short life and fell to his death from a parking garage in Manchester.