Hulu announced Wednesday that it will stream the latest season of the comedy series Please Like Me.

The show stars Australian comedian Josh Thomas as he struggles to accept his sexuality.

In the show's pilot, Josh's girlfriend breaks up with him over fears he might be gay, an allegation he denies. But before the episode is over, Josh is introduced to Geoffrey, an odd but attractive man, and the pair head out on a date.

In subsequent seasons Josh has continued to date men.

The show's six-episode fourth season premiered November 9 on Australia's ABC2.

After the demise of cable channel Pivot, it was uncertain whether American audiences would have an opportunity to watch the latest season.

Thomas thanked Hulu for the pick up: “Thank you Hulu for rescuing our lovely little show! I hope you Americans enjoy it as much [as] you enjoy soda.”

Hulu, which is already streaming the show's first three seasons, said that it would debut Please Like Me season four early next year.