Out athletes Gus Kenworthy and Robbie Rogers appear on Tuesday's episode of the ABC sitcom The Real O'Neals.

In the episode, titled The Real Match, Kenworthy and Rogers play themselves as they inspire openly gay teen Kenny (played by Noah Galvin) not to quit the wrestling team.

Kenny is having second thoughts before his wrestling debut when professional soccer player Rogers and Olympic skier Kenworthy appear in a vision to give him a pep talk.

Series producer David Windsor told Outsports that the show is looking at ways to upend stereotypes.

“You can't get away from stereotypes,” he said. “But we find what's expected and take a new bent on it. People are more complex than just 'jock' or 'cheerleader' or 'academic' and we like to get into all of that and let it surprise the audience and the characters in the show. It's a little more interesting and layered. It feels more satisfying to us.”

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