Netflix over the weekend announced plans for its LGBT-inclusive supernatural drama Sense8.

According to Variety, a two-hour Christmas special arrives December 23 and the show's second 10-episode season streams on May 5.

A description of the Christmas special reads: “The journey continues as these eight singular hearts and minds weave in and out of each other’s lives finding deeper connections, learning darker, more desperate secrets about one another and struggling to identify with more than just oneself.”

Sense8, a play on the word sensate, was created by Lilly and Lana Wachowski (The Matrix) and J. Michael Straczynski.

In the show, eight characters cope with a new-found ability to communicate with each other in a dimension that transcends reality. One of those characters is gay, Lito Rodriguez (played by Miguel Angel Silvestre), and another is transgender, Nomi Marks (played by transgender actress Jamie Clayton).