In a new interview with Queerty, out singer Eli Lieb talks about where he would hang with fellow artists Adam Lambert and Chayenne Jackson, among other topics.

The 37-year-old Lieb is best known for such hits as Young Love, Safe In My Hands, and Pulse, which is dedicated to the victims of this year's massacre in Orlando.

Queerty wanted to know what Lieb sings in the shower.

“Oh man, probably songs that I’m writing,” Lieb answered. “When I am in deep writing mode, songs never shut off. I will keep singing something over and over again to try and find the right line. Sometimes I find that when I can’t figure something out, the more I just sing, the more likely I am to have the perfect next line organically just fall out of my mouth. A lot of times if I come across a great line while in the shower, I immediately have to cut it short to get out and record it.”

The website also asked Lieb about hanging out with Lambert and Jackson in Los Angeles.

“With Adam, it would probably be at Giorgio’s, which is a really great club only open on Saturday nights,” Lieb said. “It's very small but tons of fun. They play disco music and everyone dances. But be warned, it is very difficult to get into.”

“Cheyenne doesn’t drink, so we would probably meet at a place like Cafe Gratitude for a healthy meal. It’s organic and vegan,” he added.

Giorgio's is named after Giorgio Moroder, often credited as the father of electronic dance music.