Vice President-elect Mike Pence is being welcomed to his new D.C. neighborhood of Chevy Chase with rainbow flags.

Pence is renting a home in the D.C. suburb until he and his wife Karen move into the Naval Observatory mansion in January.

Joanna Pratt, who lives across the street from Pence, had the idea of hanging a rainbow flag from her house.

“It's a peaceful protest,” Pratt told CNN.

“We've probably passed out about 10 or 11 flags. I'm not sure if they're all flying yet, but we hope in the next couple of days people will have a chance to put theirs up.”

“We wanted to make a statement in a peaceful kind of protest way to Mike Pence to let him know what we think about the political situation,” she added.

Pence is opposed to LGBT rights and in 2000 proposed gutting funds from a program to help people living with HIV to fund organizations “which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior,” according to BuzzFeed News.