Out actor Omar Sharif, Jr., the grandson of the late Egyptian actor Omar Sharif, says he's optimistic about a Donald Trump presidency.

Sharif, who is promoting a Kickstarter campaign to fund a fourth season of the queer supernatural drama Dante's Cove, told gay glossy The Advocate that while he backed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, he accepts the result of the general election.

“I remain optimistic,” Sharif said. “I come from Egypt, where democracy is lacking. I certainly respect the results of any election.”

He added that Trump could be a vehicle to make new inroads on LGBT rights.
“Sometimes to reach new communities and make new inroads, you need to use a new vehicle,” Sharif said. “If we could move LGBT acceptance so it's no longer a partisan issue and make it nonpartisan, if Donald Trump is our vehicle to doing that – sometimes it's easier to work from the inside than the outside. I think we should see where the road takes us. We should be vigilant, but we should be optimistic at the same time.”

“I am hopeful the candidate differs from the man and the president,” he said, then added that he was “slightly discouraged” by Trump's cabinet picks, most of whom do not support LGBT rights.