French President Francois Hollande won't seek a second term in office.

The Socialist president made the announcement during a televised appearance.

An emotional Hollande said that he was aware of the “risks” to the political Left, a possible reference to his low approval ratings – a scant 4 percent in a recent poll.

Hollande campaigned on a pledge that he would sign a law that extended marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples. In 2013, he signed such a bill into law, making France the 14th nation with marriage equality.

In remarks after the legislation cleared its final hurdle, Hollande praised it as “progress.”

“The law opens up new rights without sacrificing the rights of others. I think that over the next few months it will be accepted as a law promoting reconciliation and progress,” he said, adding that it was “now time to respect the law and the Republic.”

First round of voting in the 2017 French presidential election takes places on April 23, with a possible run-off between the two top vote-getters scheduled for May 7.