Police in Sydney, Australia arrested two men for allegedly attacking two gay men at a McDonald's.

According to the Star Observer, a drunken man was disturbing patrons at the fast food chain when Sam and Andrew, not their real names, confronted him.

“He was saying things like how white men rule now that Trump has won,” Sam said. “I was horrified. I turned around to the guy and said, 'I'm gay. Do you have a problem with that?' And with that he went off.”

He started shouting, “Trump won. Straight white men rule!”

Friends of the Trump supporter dragged him out the restaurant.

Sam and Andrew were attacked as they left the McDonald's.

“He hit me on the head,” Sam said. “And because I'm a pretty big guy, I went down hard – immediately there was blood everywhere. He kept mouthing off, but when he hit my head things went a bit blurry from that point.”

“I looked up [from my phone] and he was bleeding all over his face,” Andrew said, adding that he was also hit, possibly with a piece of glass.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested two men aged 21 and 18.

“Don't just assume it's 2016 and everything's okay, because clearly what's happening in the world is affecting people's judgment and mentality,” Sam said. “When you're hearing that 72 percent of the population wants marriage equality, but we're still getting bashed. It's horrific.”