A boycott campaign against Target was launched last week over the retailer's transgender-inclusive policies.

2ndVote's #AnywhereButTarget campaign claims that Target is promoting a “dangerous social agenda.”

“This Christmas season, we're sending a message to one of the top corporate supporters of the liberal, LGBT agenda and we need your help,” the group's website states.

“Not only has Target publicly advertised that its stores’ gender specific facilities – changing rooms and bathrooms – are open to all comers, regardless of biological sex, but Target has also stood by the policy, despite falling revenues,” the group added. ”It’s time to make Target understand that there are consequences for supporting a radical movement that is determined to redefine marriage, gender, and, ultimately, the 1st Amendment.”

In a video message, Lance Wray, executive director of 2ndVote, accused Target of putting its “radical politics” ahead of “common sense or safety.”

Target jumped into the fray over North Carolina's first-in-the-nation law that prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice when it announced that transgender people were free to use the bathroom or changing room that they identify with. A backlash from conservative groups prompted the retailer to accelerate plans to install single stall bathrooms in all of its stores.

Earlier this month, Target reported improved traffic and higher-than-expected profits in the fiscal third quarter. While same-store sales declined 0.2 percent, that was better than most analysts expected.