In a Thanksgiving message released Tuesday, Christian conservative group the Family Research Council (FRC) called on supporters to give thanks for the opportunity to undo LGBT rights.

FRC is a vocal opponent of LGBT rights and endorsed President-elect Donald Trump.

“Millions of Americans will gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving this week,” Dan Hart, managing editor of publications at FRC, wrote in a blog post. “In a constitutional republic such as ours, it seems especially appropriate that a federal holiday is set aside each year for the sole purpose of giving thanks.”

“What's more, Americans should be eternally thankful for the wisdom possessed by our Founding Fathers, who, rooted in their Christian belief that there is no king but Jesus, instituted a form of government that requires the political leaders to be elected by the people. This means that no single president, administration or Member of Congress can govern without the approval (or disapproval) of the people.”

“As we have made clear over the last two weeks, this election is a God-given opportunity to right some of the wrongs done to life, natural marriage, and religious liberty over the last eight years. This reprieve that the Lord has given is all the more reason to be particularly thankful this year,” Hart added.

Tony Perkins, the group's president, campaigned with Trump and helped write this year's Republican Party platform, which stands firmly against LGBT rights, including marriage equality.