Appearing at an event in Australia, Jim Obergefell remarked on President-elect Donald Trump's recent comments that he's “fine” with the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage equality.

In his first interview since winning the White House, Trump told 60 Minutes' Leslie Stahl that the issue was “settled in the Supreme Court,” though he refused to reveal his personal opinion.

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Obergefell is the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that struck down state bans that excluded gay and lesbian couples from marriage.

“I don't trust anything Trump says,” Obergefell told “His vice president, Mike Pence, is one of the most anti-LGBTI politicians in the country and just the fact he says 'it's settled' does not make me feel comfortable.”

“And,” he added, “Donald Trump says things all the time that are the exact opposite of five minutes ago.”

Obergefell made his comments during an Australians 4 Equality event held at Twitter's offices in Sydney, where he shared the stage with Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe.

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