Olympic figure skaters Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are teaming up a second time as reporters and contributors for The National Dog Show.

Taking place this weekend at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, the show will be broadcast Thanksgiving Day on NBC.

The duo has previously teamed up for segments during the Kentucky Derby and the Super Bowl.

In an interview with NBC Philadelphia, Weir said that he owns a Japanese Chin named Tema – “He is my little prince and always there wagging his tail when I get home” – and Lipinski said she owns a hugger named Dublin – “Dublin just loves to wrap his paws around people and snuggle them face-to-face.”

When asked, “What is special in the backstage area?” Weir responded that he enjoys “seeing what kind of shade the handlers throw at each other” and is looking forward to seeing “what drama unfolds between Shih Tzus and Greyhounds and Maltese and Japanese Chins.”

“I know there is a competition for the shortest ankle-length skirt among the female handlers and maybe a couple of the male handlers as well,” Weir added.