Evan Wolfson, the founder of Freedom to Marry and considered by many to be the father of the same-sex marriage movement, responded on Friday to Donald Trump's election.

President-elect Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence, oppose marriage equality. As governor of Indiana, Pence defended the state's marriage ban in court.

Trump is also cozy with many Christian conservative leaders who worked to keep state marriage bans in place. Some of those leaders are helping Trump to shape his cabinet.

In an email published Friday on the Freedom to Marry website, Wolfson called the election “a catastrophe” that puts “much of what we all care about and have worked for, our country, and even the world” in “real danger.”

“Right now, many same-sex couples fear what the Trump administration may mean for their families, so let me state categorically: The freedom to marry is the law of the land – and no one will take that away from us,” Wolfson wrote.

“No act of Congress or presidential fiat – even if they wanted to – could overturn the Supreme Court ruling that affirmed the freedom to marry nationwide. Supreme Court justices do not lightly overturn precedents, and it is even very unlikely for the question to come before the Court; courts don't just issue opinions, they rule on cases properly brought.”

“And, of course, we won in the courts of law because we won first, through hard work and engagement, in the court of public opinion. A super-majority of Americans support the freedom to marry. That has not changed.”

“This doesn't mean we need not be vigilant, or can retreat into complacency,” Wolfson added.