Out singer-songwriter Adam Lambert isn't a fan of President-elect Donald Trump.

In an interview with Sydney's 2DayFM's Rove and Sam, Lambert called results of the U.S. election “a mess.”

“Oh lord, it's a mess,” said Lambert, who supported Democrat Hillary Clinton for president.

“I’m not really super educated in terms of politics but I watched the majority of the debates and it was just so obvious to me that she was the person I would rather represent my country to my country and to the rest of the world.”

“What she said made sense. She was a clear communicator. She has experience, all that stuff. Any time [Donald Trump] spoke I just thought he didn’t make any sense. I didn’t even understand what he was saying! I think he appealed to a certain type of person that is very opposite to the type of people that I know and respect,” Lambert added.

Lambert is a judge on the Australian version of the reality music competition show The X Factor.