Out actor Jussie Smollett told followers on Twitter that he's ready to fight back following Donald Trump's victory against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“I feel the same way yall,” Smollett said in a tweet with an embedded video. “Can't be moping around tho. Pick yourselves up people. #Unite.”

In the one-minute video, Smollett said that he was “pissed off” but will “continue to fight.”

“I'm pissed off, really kind of down,” Smollett said. “But we gotta give ourselves 24 hours then we gotta pick our asses up and continue to fight.”

“Every single person of color, every woman, every single member of the LGBT community, every single disabled person or immigrant or senior citizen, if we were all to join together we would create a majority that would be unstoppable. So that's what we're gonna do.”

“I ain't going nowhere. Most of you all ain't going nowhere. I'm not about to leave my house just because it still be dirty. It ain't never been clean – ever. Let's join together. Let's step up. Let's protect each other and make sure that we clean up this filthy mess,” Smollett added.

“We got this. Take it back,” he concluded.