North Carolina state Representative Cecil Brockman has come out bisexual, making him only the second out legislator in the General Assembly.

Brockman told The News & Record that he was motivated to come out following an altercation in a restaurant with a homophobic drunk.

The incident occurred while he ate dinner with state Rep. Chris Sgro, the state's only openly gay legislator, and his partner. Sgro is not seeking re-election.

The local paper reported that the man, who wanted to know whether Brockman was also gay, made such a “homophobic and obscene” scene that management asked him to leave.

“I don’t necessarily live that life,” Brockman said. “I don’t wear it on my sleeve. I can live in the straight world and not be identified.”

“I really want young people to know that you can be a member of the LGBT community, and it’s OK,” he added. “You can run for public office and serve honorably. You don’t have to let anyone put you in a box.”

Brockman also criticized passage of House Bill 2, the nation's first and only law that prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in government buildings and public schools. It also blocks cities and municipalities from enacting LGBT protections.

“Discrimination against folks in the LGBT community has become legal,” Brockman said about the law. “You should be able to be who you are and love who you are and not be afraid to go out and feel like someone will harass you.”