UK singer Robbie Williams appears naked for the December cover of gay glossy Attitude.

In the image, Williams, 42, stands with his mouth open, eyes wide, and hands cupped in front. The headline reads “John Grant strips Robbie bare.”

The cover promises that Williams will talk about “drink, drugs, porn, sex, addiction, depression, fame, success & being happy.”

Williams, who once said he's as much as 50 percent gay – referring to musical theater – and would go for Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, told the magazine that sex addiction has taken a “shift in consciousness” in recent years, going from being written off as fake to being taken seriously.

“Sex addiction does exist – it does. It totally does,” said Williams, a self-confessed sex addict. “Depression was a taboo subject, but it's not demeaning anymore. Slowly it is happening.”

He added that fame requires a thick skin.

“I'm not prepared emotionally for the job that I do,” Williams said. “Being so public and being so big, I don't have the ability to protect myself from the words and the shame. It hurts.”

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