During an appearance Wednesday on Conan, Ryan Reynolds shared a clip from The Notebook 2 in which he and host Conan O'Brien share a passionate kiss.

Reynolds had to remind O'Brien about their vacation in Tijuana.

“Remember that vacation that we took in Tijuana a couple of years ago? We split that bottle of Absinthe? Well, we fell in love and I filmed it,” Reynolds said.

“Sure. Sure you did,” O'Brien responded.

“Let's roll the clip,” Reynolds suggested.

In the clip, O'Brien, wearing a dress and pearls, portrays the role Rachel McAdams played in The Notebook, while Reynolds plays Ryan Gosling's role of her lost lover.

The couple declares their love while standing in the rain, then share a passionate kiss.

“How does my stomach taste?” Reynolds asked O'Brien after the clip. “That was really something there.”