Singer-songwriter Michael Buble said this week that he would love his sons if they turned out to be gay.

When asked by Michigan gay weekly PrideSource how he might respond if one of his two sons were to come out to him, Buble answered he would respond “with nothing but love.”

“And I'm not saying that to you because it's you or the magazine,” Buble said. “It's because I love them, man. I love them so much that I just want them to be happy. My goal in life is to make them beautiful, happy human beings, and if that's who they are – because I'm killed, just devastated, when I hear people saying they 'choose.' 'Choose'? What are you fucking talking about? You don't choose. It isn't a choice. It is genetic.”

“And I understand some people have an issue with the whole marriage thing and the sanctity of this word 'marriage,'” he continued. “I mean, I don't get it, but I can choose to listen to their point and hear it. I don't agree with it. I always joke, everyone jokes: Why can't gay people be just as miserable as straight people who are married? But listen to me, we are in a world – a dangerous world – right now, and if you're not standing up against intolerance, then you're for it. God, I sounded like George W. fucking Bush right there, holy shit. 'If you're not with us, you're against us!'”

Asked whether he was afraid to lose fans over his support for equality, Buble answered no.

“I'm not. Because you know what, years from now, when my kids grow up and they read this, they're going to be proud of their father because their father was on the right side of the line,” he said. “There are a lot of people, and time does this, who are going to be severely embarrassed for their bias and intolerance. And they're going to have to live with that; that's going to be their legacy. I refuse to have that as part of my legacy.”