LGBT characters hit a record high this year on network television, according to a GLAAD report.

GLAAD's 21st annual Where We Are On TV report found the highest percentage (4.8%) of LGBT regular characters on broadcast television since GLAAD began tracking all broadcast regular characters 21 years ago.

GLAAD also found that more than 25 lesbian and bisexual female characters died on television series this year.

“[The killings continue] a decades-long trend of killing LGBTQ characters – often solely to further a straight, cisgender character's plotline – which sends a dangerous message to audiences that LGBTQ people are secondary and disposable,” GLAAD wrote in announcing its findings. “It is important that creators do not reinvigorate harmful tropes, which exploit an already marginalized community.”

The report also found an increase in transgender characters across all platforms, up from seven last year to 16 this year.