Seven local chapters of the Log Cabin Republicans have endorsed Donald Trump for president.

The endorsements come just days after the national organization voted to withhold its support for the GOP candidate.

According to The Advocate, local chapters in Cleveland, Los Angeles, Miami, Texas, Georgia, Colorado and Orange County, California have endorsed Trump.

Local chapters are generally not allowed to endorse national candidates. But Log Cabin leaders this year have invited local chapters to officially weigh in on the race.

Vincent Foster, president of Miami's Log Cabin chapter, told the Miami Herald that they were willing to go their separate way over the issue.

“We were ready to risk everything and go our separate way to support our most supportive Republican presidential candidate for the LGBT community,” Foster said.

In an interview with NPR, Gregory Angelo, president of the national group, explained the reasons behind their decision to withhold support.

“[T]here's a difference between pro-LGBT rhetoric and pro-LGBT policy,” Angelo said. “That's really what's at the crux of our decision to withhold an endorsement here, is, while that GOP convention marked a sea change in terms of the way the GOP talks about LGBT individuals, there are still major policy concerns that we have. And there's still a great deal of uncertainty about what a Trump administration would mean for those policies.”

“You know, all of my conversations with the Trump campaign, senior advisers to the Trump campaign were essentially boiled down to the same mantra. You don't have anything to worry about when it comes to the LGBT stuff with Donald Trump. And while we may not have anything to worry about, those would just be assumptions at this point,” he added.

George Gramer, president of the Colorado chapter, told Mile High Gay that his group's endorsement was based on Trump's “commitment to America first, peace through strength and free enterprise.”