Anti-gay activist Theodore Shoebat has condemned Donald Trump for waving a rainbow flag at a rally in Colorado.

On Sunday, Trump unfurled the flag, which included the message “LGBT for Trump,” and briefly waved it from the stage as God Bless the USA played in the background.

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In a video posted Sunday night, Shoebat claimed that Trump has been corrupted by Peter Thiel, an out Silicon Valley billionaire who supports Trump, and is now “bowing down to the sodomite agenda.”

“In an ideal society, anyone who supports homosexuality would be put to death,” Shoebat said. “Bastards like Peter Thiel over here would be hung or burned at the stake and rightfully so. And guys like Donald Trump – I'm sorry, holding up that faggot flag, it's unforgivable to me. It's unforgivable. And in an ideal society, people like Mr. Trump would also be put to death as well, and rightfully so.”

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