Tegan and Sara, the indie group composed of out identical twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin, say that they support marriage equality but don't want to get married.

The sisters are currently promoting their latest studio album, Love You to Death.

During an appearance on Larry King Now, Tegan and Sara, who both have American partners, called marriage a “traditional and old-fashioned” ideal.

“But I'm happy to push and fight for that around the world for all people,” Tegan said.

“Oh yeah,” Sara said. “We definitely see that there is a value to that social ...”

“So, you wouldn't want to raise a child?” host Larry King interrupted to ask.

“Oh, I would have children and I think common law status is totally valid,” Sara answered.

The sisters added that it's “hard to turn away” from this year's presidential election.

“It's big. We're definitely tuned in and watching that every day,” Sara said.