A former employee at New Jersey's Trump National Golf Club claims in a lawsuit that his co-workers routinely called him “fag” and physically abused him.

According to Slate, Eleazar Andres, a maintenance worker, became the target of homophobic harassment after he came out to his co-workers.

In his suit, Andres claims that his direct supervisor witnessed several incidents of name-calling and physical abuse but failed to act.

According to Andres, his harassers routinely threw rocks and golf balls at him, once so hard it sent him to the hospital. After his hospitalization, a manager who told him he would take care of the problem refused to provide information about his attackers in preparation of a police report Andres eventually filed. When Andres told management that he no longer felt safe at work, he was promptly fired.

Donald Trump's attorneys argue that Andres was to blame for his own harassment.

“It is difficult to imagine a more offensive response to a discrimination suit,” Slate's Mark Joseph Stern wrote.

“Andres' lawsuit may not tie directly back to Trump himself, but it does confirm that Trump's misogynistic beliefs and lax attitudes toward harassment permeated his properties from the top down,” he added.