A voter in Nevada told CBS News that she supports Donald Trump for president because she's opposed to “the homosexuals.”

Barbara was among the voters interviewed by CBS' John Dickerson following last week's third and final presidential debate.

“[Barbara] what's a big issue for you?” Dickerson asked.

“Morality and values based on what the country was based on,” she answered. “I think that the laws that Obama has passed, the way the country has – I call it downturning – some of the other people are proud of it and happy for it. I personally am against it – the homosexuals, the abortions. All this stuff I'm against.”

“When Donald Trump says make America great again, is that what you hear – that it is going to go back to … before the time that you're now describing?”

“That's part of it,” Barbara answered.

When asked about a Hillary Clinton victory, Barbara said, “Oh no. She needs prayer. The country always needs prayer.”